Shayne’s Story

Shayne’s Story

Shayne Graham knows what it’s like to be the lone man in the arena. The Virginia Tech and Big East stand-out went undrafted, spending two years post-college distanced from friends and family, working minimum-wage jobs, living with his kicking coach and training every day, while also working 13 to 16 hours.

Once signed to the active roster by the Buffalo Bills in 2001 as an undrafted free agent, Shayne knew that he would need to retrain his mind and body to remain in the NFL.

As a consultant and coach, the 15-year kicker seeks to help athletes, his fellow coaches, and teams elevate and advance the role of special teams. Shayne’s collegiate and professional knowledge provides clients with high-touch strategic consulting, evaluation, and training experience that enhances their physical performance and strengthens their overall mindset.

Off the field, Shayne is a man dedicated to faith, family, and community service, as demonstrated by his membership and leadership of many charitable organizations.

Shayne’s Career Highlights:

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Elevating the role of special teams and individual athletes through team consulting, athlete physical evaluation and training, and mindset preparedness.

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